"Affordable and Reliable Dental Treatment in Mumbai" - Mrs Anita Singh

I use to be very conscious of my smile due to my broken front tooth. I went to Dr. Pankaj Mehta’s Dental Care Centre and requested Dr. Mehta for a affordable and reliable dental treatment in Mumbai. That’s when Dr. Mehta advised me to go in for a composite laminate. I was slightly apprehensive, but Mumbai dentist, Dr. Mehta and Dr. Chudgar made me very comfortable. When I saw my tooth in the mirror I was very excited and happy about my “new tooth”. Thanks to doctor for reinventing my smile.

Ms. Rita Sundaram

Before three months I experienced throbbing pain in my lower teeth. I have undergone root canal treatment previously in my hometown and honestly it was not a very pleasant experience. I consulted Dr. Pankaj Mehta on the suggestion of my friend. He told me that I will have to go for a root canal treatment. I was very scared. But Dr. Chudgar using his latest equipment made sure that the entire treatment was absolutely painless. I was delighted that the dreaded root canal treatment could be such a painless experience. Thanks to Dr. Mehta and his team, my fear of the dentist has gone.

Mr. Fredrick Anderson, USA

My job takes me to India frequently. During my last visit I experienced intolerable toothache in my front teeth. On the advice of my Indian colleagues I visited Dr. Pankaj Mehta’s Dental Care. My apprehension was put to rest by the efficient and able team of doctors. I underwent two root canals and two crowns on my front teeth. My dentist is the US assured me that the quality of both the crowns and the root canals are at par with the treatment recieved here. Furthermore, my wife and kids could not notice any difference!!

Ms Preeti Gupta (Medical Student, Mumbai)

Dr. Pankaj and Dr. Digant took great care of my tooth. I am very impressed with the sterilization protocol that this dental clinic follows. The clinic is also extremely clean. It put away all my doubts of any cross infections. Thank you for the great work and keep it up.

Mr. Kelly Green

Well. Where should I begin…It all started when I went for some treatment in my hometown of  seatle, USA. I needed to replace a few teeth and get my smile corrected. I had been saving for over five years for my dental treatment on my consultation with a dentist in seattle I was told that I needed four implants and to correct my smile and to increase my eating efficiency I needed another 8 veneers and 6 crowns. The quote that was given to me was way beyond what I had saved. That is when I tried to see option abroad. On surfing I stumbled upon Dr.,Mehta’s website.. i Guess that was my lucky day After a few emails , I had my decision ….I WAS GOING TO INDIA !! The quote given to me was significantly less than what was offered back home in the usa and the work that i have received…i am so sure is a lot better that what i would have got in seattle..i can bite great and have a beautiful white smile.. Whats husband derek also got his teeth whitened!! The dental office is one of the best i have seen and it is as equipped , if not more than my dentist in seattle Whats more i could also spend the new years eve on the sunny beaches of goa..and it was so efficiently arranged for by dr. Mehta s travel partners And to top it all up..i still saved great money… I don’t think i have ever smiled wider in my whole life Thank you dr. Pankaj mehta and his whole are the most hospitable , kind , efficent dentists i have come across Cheers!

Mr Abbas Hassan ( Dubai, UAE)

I visit India often as my family is in India. I was unhappy with some of the dental work in my mouth. I visited Dr. Pankaj Mehta’s website and then consulted with him over the phone before I came to India. I got my teeth brightened and replaced all my crowns on my front teeth. I definitely recommend Dr. Pankaj Mehta to all my colleagues in Dubai who are visiting India.

Mr. Anantkumar Patankar

I am a retired navy officer and was wearing dentures for the last 7 years. I however always had a problem with my lower denture which made me very uncomfortable. I consulted Dr. Pankaj Mehta who advised me to go for a lower implant supported denture. After the treatment all my problems experienced with my lower denture have disappeared.

Mr. Patil

I was having problem with my teeth like pain and food accumulation since a few years but always kept neglecting it. I decided to get all my teeth corrected before they became worse. Dr. Pankaj Mehta told me that my teeth are not in very good state and that you go in for full mouth rehabilitation. The treatment took about one and a half months but now I think I have grown a new set of teeth.

Anthony Sutherland, Newcastle

Great service. Dental office is a lot superior to what I have seen in the UK. Thank you doctors. I am very happy I chose Dr. Mehta for my teeth.

Sophie Bright

Hi Dr. Deepil,   Greetings to you from Gabi and Sophie. Hope you are doing great.   My ‘new teeth’ are quite comfortable and looking very beautiful. Along with the beautiful smile I got 2 additional benefits, just like “Buy 1, Get 2 Free". 🙂 Upper lip has got back it’s very original shape that I don’t need any modification now and there is no lipstick-stain-problem. You know how it feels!   I’m really happy I met you, definitely I suggest your name to my friends. My experience throughout the Root Canal treatment was quite pleasant and comfortable.   And thank you very much for bringing here the world-class treatment facility and giving us great service. It’s one step towards making India a better place to live in.   I wish you more and more Success in every field of your life and World full of Happiness. Pls convey our regards to Dr. Pankaj.   Best Regards, Sophie.   Thank you very much for the mail and those wonderful photos!!! 🙂   Someone said, If you come across some Nice people , it’s a sin if you let them go away. Other than Sophie Bright I don’t know who else said that. 🙂 Pls do keep in touch. Best Regards, Sophie.

"Happy with the dental treatment in Mumbai" - Ms. Kathleen Roberts

I came to India for a complete facelift and Dr. Mehta and Dr. Digant were in charge of the dental aspect. I was very happy with the dental treatment in Mumbai and especially the hospitality extended by the whole team at the dental clinic in Mumbai, Dr. Pankaj Mehta’s Dental Care. Thank you for rediscovering my smile…

Great Professional Approach towards Dental Implants in Mumbai - Mr. S. P. Jain

The dental implants feel like I have grown new teeth. I can now eat like I could twenty years ago! Thank you for saving me from my ill fitting dentures. I experienced a great professional approach towards dental implants in Mumbai.

Congratulations for excellence in cosmetic dentistry - Ms. Seema B.

The cosmetic veneers performed on my teeth has changed my smile completely. I am so lucky and thankful that I found your website. I must congratulate you and your team for excellence in cosmetic dentistry and your world class dental clinic in mumbai. Thank you for making me so comfortable.

Wan Ki Eun

Excellent facilty and infrastructure but a bit expensive! But worth it!

Karen Bowers, New york USA

Dear Doctors, I cannot thank you enough for my smile and that too in super quick time. Special thanks to Dr. Digant to make my treatment almost painless !!

"The dentist in Mumbai is patient, gentle and kind." - Bill & Lola

When we were first introduced to the idea of having dental work done in India, it was so far removed from anything we could possibly comprehend. However, our Grandson, who had been traveling in India and found himself needing to see a dentist in Mumbai had paved the way for us. Bill had been told by the dentist in our hometown of America that he needed two porcelain caps to repair his two front middle teeth that had worn and chipped badly. He was given a written quote from our regular dentist for that work, plus a needed filling and a night guard that would prevent damage from the grinding of his teeth.

When our Grandson was made aware of the amount of work that Bill needed, he encouraged us to contact Dr. Mehta’s Dental Clinic and get a quote from them. He had been extremely pleased with the work done, but also with the savings in cost. He also explained to us that this dental clinic in Mumbai had state of the art equipment and top of the line dental specialists.

We corresponded with them and received a quote based on the written quote for the actual work that our own dentist here had planned to do. We decided that we were willing to make the trip and have the work done by dentists in Mumbai, based on our Grandson’s complete satisfaction of the work they had done for him.

We were able to find a good hotel in Mumbai in the area of the dental clinic. Actually, we were able to walk to the appointments with ease. We could have taken a motorized rickshaw for very little expense.

Upon arrival for the first appointment, we were amazed at the entire clinic, its ultra modern equipment (far above what we were accustomed to in the U.S.A.) and the kindness and respect shown to us by the entire staff and dental team. The dentists speak good English, and were very patient to explain every step of the procedure that they recommended. The mumbai dentist who performed Bill’s work was Dr. Digant Chudgar. His determination of the work that Bill needed was more complex than what the American dentist had outlined. He actually felt that Bill needed caps on all four top front teeth, and because the teeth were worn so close to the nerve, he would need to do root canals on each of the teeth. This was more than twice as much work as we had anticipated according to our own dentist. However, when Dr. Digant gave us the quote, the work he would be doing, which included the needed filling and the night guard came to less than $300 more.

We cannot tell you how patient, gentle and kind the dentist in Mumbai, Dr. Digant was in doing his work. He took the time to explain everything he did as he went along. Some of the appointments that he had with Bill, he spent as much as an hour at a time, and more than once he saw him twice in a day. The entire staff treated us as if we were family. In the end, Bill now has four very natural porcelain capped teeth and a beautiful smile, to say nothing of a superior experience. To anyone who is considering having extensive work done, we would highly recommend that you check into what the Mehta Dental Clinic can do for you. We believe you will be glad that you did. Enjoy glorious India!

Mr. Johan Palmgren, Sweden

Very professional service and great results, I will come back here!

Ms. Barbara Gnann, North Carolina, USA

Thanks Dr. Digant and the whole team.. Great Hospitality and Great Dentistry !!