Dental Stem Cells

Dr. Pankaj Mehta’s Dental Care and Stemade,India's "first private dental stem cell bank", is proud to introduce the radical concept of "Dental stem cell banking".

Dr. Pankaj Mehta’s Dental Care is a Certified Centre for stem cell banking in collaboration with STEMADE and INSTITUT CLINIDENT. It is an innovative biotechnology company in France, dedicated to providing products and services to dental medicine, oral care, oral diagnostics and manufacturing processes using cell biology technologies for its Valued Patients.

This innovative approach has been engaged by accessing the patented technology of extracting viable stem cells from the human tooth.

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Dental Stem Cells can be obtained from Milk Teeth that are on the verge of exfoliating or falling.


 Dental Stem Cells can Differentiate into... This has Potential Benefit in..
 Cardiac cells
(heart cells)
 Repair damage caused by Myocardial Infarction(Heart Attack)
 Neurones (nerve cells)Repair due to stroke or other degenerative diseases
 Myocytes (muscle cells) Repair loss due to crush-injuries or other degenerative diseases
 Osteocytes (bone cells) Repair fractures and other joint/bone diseases
 Adipocytes (fat cells) Repair skin loss
(cartilage cells)
 Repair of cartilage after injuries or other degenerative diseases such as Osteoarthritis
 Dermal tissue
(skin cells)
 Assistance in Plastic Surgery applications