Dental Implants

Dental implants are placed in Dr. Pankaj Mehta’s Dental Care by Highly skilled, USA and Europe trained certified implantologists.

We at Dr. Pankaj Mehta dental care place over 200 implants each year.

All implants placed in Dr. Pankaj Mehta’s Dental Care are computerized and digitally planned with advanced treatment planning software.

Thus before we actually operate and place implants in the patients mouth, the procedure has already been practiced digitally! So no surprises at all and 100% predictability and almost a 100 success rate!

The dental implants that we place are from NOBEL BIOCARE - SWEDEN, USA and DENTSPLY (GERMANY). These two companies are the world leaders in implant dentistry all over the globe.

What are Dental Implants

Dental Implants are artificial roots made of titanium which are surgically placed in the jaw bone to replace missing teeth. This is the best, functionally most efficient treatment module for missing teeth available today.

Advanced Implant Procedures

All kinds of advanced dental implant and bone grafting procedures are routinely and successfully performed at Dr. Pankaj Mehta’s dental care.

  • Sinus grafting procedures
  • Bone split and expansion procedures
  • Complete rehabilitation of jaws with implants

Nobel Biocare

Think Implants and think NOBEL BIOCARE.
Nobel Biocare is the most premium and the most advanced implant company in the world.


Millions of people are missing most or all of their teeth. For these people, a denture replacement solution that eliminates the need for denture adhesives might mean a new level comfort and ease in their life. Nobel Biocare denture replacement alternatives use dental implants for support, thereby removing the need for the use of messy and unreliable denture adhesives. Denture replacement solutions can even make sore gums obsolete.

Nobel Biocare dental implants provide the foundation for our dental replacement alternatives. The use of dental implants can return the look and function that your current dentures and denture adhesives probably aren’t providing. Nobel Biocare has a forty-year history of success stories using dental implants and leads the dental implant market.

If you’re in need of denture repair, or if you’re simply tired of wearing your dentures, consider our denture replacement alternatives and leave your denture adhesives behind.

Dentsply (Germany)

Xive & Ankylos


Implants in Dentistry

  • Computerized technology that aids in precise calibration and placement of implants.
  • Ideal implant locations identified through analysis of anatomical and prosthetic needs.
  • Offers patients increased confidence and comfort.

Xive & Ankylos implants - Dentsply Friadent

Xive & Ankylos – Friadent is a leading solution for most dental implant cases. Friadent attended a research program in Germany in 1974 in search of the skill sets required to develop a ceramic implant product line. They were successful.

Ever since the emergence of this product within the implant market, their success has been unparalleled. For over 30 years, this company has been providing top quality implant products to patients around the globe.

Not only are the Xive & Ankylos implants superior in quality, they are also superior in their appearance. Dentsply Friadent prides itself on providing the highest quality dental implants for virtually all types of surgical situations. Made with biologically compatible titanium, their implants are made from the best materials available.

Xive & Ankylos implants are also known for its top mechanical and predictable stability.

Their implant products are also 100% bacteria proof, working to ensure healthy oral tissues.